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TOLLS. In a general sense, tolls signify any manner of customs, subsidy, prestation, imposition, or sum of money demanded for exporting or importing of any wares or merchandise, to be taken of the buyer. 2 Inst. 58.

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Jenoptik is supplying Toll Collect with up to 600 complete systems to monitor future truck toll payments on Germanys federal highways.
ISLAMABAD -- National Highway Authority would introduce e-toll system on its toll plazas to streamline toll collection system on federalized road network.
Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) revolutionized tolling by allowing drivers to roll through toll booths while being charged electronically.
Other questions have been raised about the "regressive" nature of HOT fees--that is, although everyone pays for road use through the gasoline tax, the kind of two-tier system created by HOT lanes benefits wealthier people because they are better able to afford the tolls.
Fortunately, there is a fairly straightforward way to reduce or even eliminate clogged traffic: Make drivers pay tolls during rush hours.