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Some of the symptoms of an abscess of the tooth include fever, severe and persistent tooth pain, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, a general feeling of being ill or uncomfortable, foul-smelling breath and tooth sensitivity, specifically to hot or cold food and drinks and a pimple- or boil-like bump on the gums.
As such, tooth sensitivity and pain, if it persists for more than a week, require professional dental examination and care by a qualified dentist.
To help reduce tooth sensitivity during teeth whitening, some professional teeth whitening products are now made with potassium nitrate and fluoride or used alone with custom-made whitening trays.
Continued erosion and exposure of the dentin underneath causes tooth sensitivity to temperature changes and touch during brushing.
Esthetic abnormalities such as tooth sensitivity, discoloration, and abnormal texture cause psychological and functional difficulties for the patient.
Hello Sensitivity Relief alleviates pain from tooth sensitivity and gently whitens teeth, the company said, noting that about one in eight U.S.
"Colgate and Crest make excellent dental products, and there are other products that are more optimal for specific concerns, such as tooth sensitivity or dry mouth.
THE sharp sting of tooth sensitivity may be a familiar sensation for many of us, but are you always certain what's causing it?
THE sharp sting of tooth sensitivity may be a familiar sensation for many of us - but are you always certain what's causing it?
Resin cements provide better mechanical strength than conventional cements but has other disadvantages like frequent post-operative tooth sensitivity and pulp necrosis.10
The family-run business used false claims to sell unsafe teeth-whitening products with more than 65 times the legal level of hydrogen peroxide, leaving customers with bleeding gums from chemical burns, foaming mouths and increased tooth sensitivity.
In the pharmaceutical segment, it is used in the treatment of tooth sensitivity.