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Some how I don't believe that being torn apart by a pack of dogs is all that humane.
Torn Apart is off Reincarnated - the 12th studio album by American rapper Snoop Dogg, and the first under his Rasta moniker Snoop Lion.
Lives have been ruined and families have been torn apart, just because workers had raised safety concer ns.
CDATA[ The boycott of Israel is torn apart in the Italian press by this bright and courageous Member of Parliament.
A WOMAN harassed by an ex-partner said she felt as if her life had been torn apart, Cardiff Crown Court has heard.
The programme served a salutary reminder of our soldiers, who have their lives and limbs torn apart in a war not of their making, returning to Selly Oak Hospital to face numerous operations for their horrific injuries.
Peace Operations Seen From Below: UN Missions And Local People by Beatrice Pouligny (A Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for International Studies and Research) examines United Natioins peace operations in societies torn apart by political and ethnic conflict in a different light from most studies.
Our cultures may be in conflict but the church dare not allow itself to be torn apart over such differences.
As a result, the soldiers and their families, relieved and grateful for their safe return, were torn apart once again without adequate time to prepare.
Their lives were abruptly torn apart when the Hutu militia Interahamwe and ordinary Hutu citizens began the genocide of an estimated 1 million Tutsis.
A loose cable drags along the ground and is torn apart.