Total loss

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TOTAL LOSS. A technical expression, importing an utter loss of the property for the voyage, and no more. 1 T. R. 187. Vide Loss, and 2 Phil. Ev. 54, n.; 16 East, R. 214 Park's Ins. Index, h.t.; Marsh. Ins. 486.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"There can be a one- or two-day lag between declaring a total loss and handing that off to whoever coordinates salvage [at the company].
However, the report does show significant dissatisfaction among consumers, particularly in the Mid-Atlantic where satisfaction with the claims process for vehicle total loss declined by a significant 57 points.
If your limits are less than the required values, you will pay for part of the claim regardless if it is a partial or total loss. This is standard procedure.
The concept of constructive total loss is older than modern insurance.
Jacquie Burrows Final weight: 10st 12lb Total loss: 4lb
1) The author repeatedly argued that Mierzwa means that when an insured has suffered a total loss of his house by conbination of wind and flood and he has both wind and flood insurance he will be "enriched" by the loss and this devastation of his house will become a "profit-making venture" for the insured.
In fact, there is a potential that an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 vehicles from storm-affected states will be declared total losses. Unfortunately, there is also a chance that a lot of these total losses will resurface in the used car market.
Subsequently, while the average total loss vehicle value has begun to taper, the industry will likely close out the year with total loss costs up moderately.
While in cruise flight, the engine's number 1 cylinder failed, quickly followed by a total loss of engine power.
Richardson Electronics Ltd (NASDAQ:RELL) on Thursday reported a net loss of USD2.9m or USD0.23 total loss per diluted common share for its fiscal third quarter ended 27 February 2016, increased compared to the net loss of USD2.2m or USD0.16 total loss per diluted common share in the same period last year.
The recorded severity was due in part to total loss claims and in part to the home high-value in the fires' paths, LexisNexis said.

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