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TOTALITY. The whole sum or quantity.
     2. In making a tender, it is requisite that the totality of the sum due should be offered, together with the interest and costs. Vide Tender.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Why wait, when untold numbers of other eclipse chasers were sure to be flocking to all points along the path of totality? Why risk missing a chance to stand once again under the shadow of the moon?
- A once-in-a-lifetime experience of eclipse totality
The Court concluded that when viewing the facts through the clear lens of totality of the circumstances, rather than the fragmented prism of the Aguilar-Spinelli two-prong test, there was probable cause to search both the house and the car.
Given these peculiar difficulties, how does a reader begin to engage with the already impressive "totality" of work of the most important living dialectical thinker, Jameson himself?
During this time, the Moon will cast a shadow over Chile and Argentina, resulting in the ( totality of the eclipse over these regions.
The first - and only - piece of land in the Pacific to lie in the path of totality is tiny Oeno Island - part of the Pitcairns British Overseas Territory.
Totality will first be seen over Oeno Island, a British territory in the South Pacific Ocean, at 10:24 local time (17:24 BST).
The ~100-km-wide band of totality took approximately an hour and a half to traverse the United States, starting in Oregon at 1020 Pacific daylight time (PDT) and ending in South Carolina at 1450 eastern daylight time (EDT) (see for more information).
"We anticipated, based on the smattering of reports in the literature, that bee activity would drop as light dimmed during the eclipse and would reach a minimum at totality," says Candace Galen, Ph.D., professor of biological sciences at the University of Missouri and lead researcher on the study.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the eclipse and celebrated together after totality.
Qatar is one of the countries where the longest lunar eclipse will be witnessed in totality. People will get to see all three phases of the eclipse covering the total duration of six hours and 14 minutes on the said night of the Hijri month Dhul-Qa'da, 1439H.
The path of totality -- when the Earth's shadow covers the entire moon creating total darkness -- will, however, last one hour and 43 minutes.