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Things ran along, a tournament nearly every week; and now and then the boys used to want me to take a hand -- I mean Sir Launcelot and the rest -- but I said I would by and by; no hurry yet, and too much government machinery to oil up and set to rights and start a-going.
We had one tournament which was continued from day to day during more than a week, and as many as five hundred knights took part in it, from first to last.
As for the banquet, the ball, the concert, the theatricals, the tournaments, the cascades, the fireworks, the illuminations, and the presents - these are well and good, I grant; but why were not these expenses sufficient?
The following evening the Prince dressed himself for the tournament.
The Princess went with her sisters to the window and looked on at the tournament.
Then Ulysses answered, "Madam, wife of Ulysses, you need not defer your tournament, for Ulysses will return ere ever they can string the bow, handle it how they will, and send their arrows through the iron.
The fact is, I have been playing in a golf tournament.
Then she thought that she had said enough about herself, and she asked whether they had come down to join the tennis tournament.
Pepper, who were strolling about, waiting for the tournament to begin.
So used were the good burghers of Bordeaux to martial display and knightly sport, that an ordinary joust or tournament was an everyday matter with them.
Evie heard of her father's engagement when she was in for a tennis tournament, and her play went simply to pot.
GOLF AT THE HAGUE Among the entrants for the tournament which commences to-morrow, are several well-known English players, including Mr.