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After all, isn't it about time we toppled healthcare's Tower of Babel and achieved true EHR interoperability?
The narrative section of the Asatir dedicated to the Tower of Babel is preceded by a lengthy account of how Noah divided the earth among his offspring.
How does the Tower of Babel relate to the present situation in the political arena of Sri Lanka today?
Also, like the Vertical Pier, the Tower of Babel was a pointless gesture of no use to man or God.
IN THE story of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11), people had become too full of their own importance, so God confused their language and they were unable to communicate.
M Clark Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff HAVING been an altar boy at St Clare's Church, Cardiff, years ago I was taught about the Tower of Babel and how its construction led to a confusion of languages, It would seem that, instead of erecting a monument at Clare Gardens ("Languages monument causes rift", Echo, January 29), the name of the park could be changed to Babel Gardens.
Conceived as a monument to the Arab city-state's economic ambitions, the Burj today looks more like a modern-day Tower of Babel.
Since the construction of the Tower of Babel, buildings that reach to the sky have been symbols of both ingenuity and hubris.
The Tower of Babel award, for the tower that looks the weakest, went to Smokin' Santas.
This is not to mention images of fabulous cities and the deities which were believed to have inhabited them plus a sensational engraving of the Tower of Babel which comes with an explanation telling us why it could not have reached the moon.
And as the characters attempt to navigate Escher's surreal staircase or cling to a precipice on Brueghel's Tower of Babel they come to realize that the language they have always used no longer carries the same meaning.
It is truly a Tower of Babel," when IT managers have to work with various vendors and systems integrators to create system, Schatt said.