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Towery said the $600,000 in land sale proceeds eventually could fund other urban renewal projects in Glenwood.
Towery, who is retiring after more than 40 years at the helm of GJDC.
She's been corresponding with an Arizona death row inmate for two years, one Robert Towery - an armed robber who injected his victim with battery acid.
Ralph Reed, if he's going to survive, needs to successfully establish himself as a moderate, issue-oriented candidate," pollster Matt Towery told the Journal-Constitution.
Todd Towery, formerly the assistant course superintendent at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, became PCC's new superintendent in March.
Randall Reeder, Jack Moore, Dan Towery, Chris Foster, and Donald George, "Conservation Tillage on CD.
Kopin's commercially available tool-set of CyberDisplay video modules allowed us to prototype this product in record time," said Clay Towery, ELCAN's new business development manager.
Mali Towery, cofounder of InsiderAdvantage, analyzed the results in a recent syndicated newspaper column.
The Society was represented by Cox, and fellow SWCS members Dan Towery and James Gulliford, on a panel that discussed U.
For decades, agronomists, have known that conventional plowing isn't entirely beneficial," says Dan Towery, a natural resources specialist with the Conservation Technology Information Center in West Lafayette, Indiana, "but farmers were reluctant to change [for fear] of reduced yields.
Publishers: In Oregon, Doris Towery has been named publisher of two non-dailies, the Springfield News and Cottage Grove Sentinel.