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In a government survey, a square tract of land six miles on each side, constituting thirty-six square miles. In some states, the name given to the political subdivision of a county.



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He said that on one hand the government made tall claims about planting trees and on other hand SDDA officials cut hundreds of trees in Kanju Township.
By 2020, total direct and indirect jobs that will be generated in the township alone will reach 100,000.
The township has limited revenue-raising flexibility.
In addition, the township has gone beyond the Consent Agreement by: Negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement.
already have a number of township developments that follow the so-called 'live-work-play-learn' philosophy.
He added that, "as we see a potential pool of skilled talents for the BPO sector in the province, we are certain to build a cyberpark, bring in our partner locators to the township and generate thousands of jobs for the people of Pampanga.
They express satisfaction on the spot measures for mitigating issues and termed his visit along with the review committee members a good omen for the cause of the township.
A press release issued by Anderson township on Feb.
For example, Mumbai-based Poddar Developers recently launched an affordable housing township in Atgaon, Maharashtra.
According to the Kabul Municipality, a portion of a township for the physically-challenged people -- "Shahrak-i-Mayubin" -- in the 8th district of Kabul has been built on usurped land.
The township was also facing problems such as excessive loitering from the municipal court, located on the first floor of their town hall, that made it nearly impossible for guests and visitors to access other services and departments within the building.
Township government was the preferred form of local government wherever the New Englanders were the dominant colonizers.