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Therefore, all patients poisoned with typical or atypical antipsychotic toxic doses should be closely monitored in the emergency department.
Thus, multiple intragastric administrations of pesticide decis in toxic dose promoted to regularly reduction in activity of enzymes dipeptidase, amylase, invertase, aklkaline phosphatase in all sites of the small intestine in all times of investigation, and enzyme inhibition was more marked in the proximal part than in the distal part of the small intestine.
Attending physicians, aware of the narrow difference between a safe, effective, dose of Digoxin and a toxic dose, ordered 450 micrograms of Digoxin, with an initial dose of 225 micrograms to be followed by two doses of 112.5 micrograms over the course of the next two days.
For example, the toxic dose of vitamin D for infants is a single dose of 15 mg or more, or daily doses of 1 mg over a prolonged period of time.
For example, 9 ounces of Pepto-Bismol can be deadly for a toddler who weighs 10 kg, or 20 pounds (a toxic dose of salicylate is 150 mg/kg).
The toxic dose must be eaten at one time to cause death, because the poison is not cumulative.
The petitioners had alleged that young children mouthing toys made with PVCs were exposed to a potentially toxic dose of diisononyl phthalate (DINP), a plasticiser, and toxic doses of lead and cadmium.
In extreme cases, this can result in a toxic dose. To add to the uncertainty, one polymorph may transform to another structure after crystallization.
Although a toxic dose of elemental iron is 30 mg/kg, and a fatal dose is typically more than 250 mg/kg, ingestion of doses as low as 60 mg/kg have resulted in death (2).
In the low toxic dose group we found statistically significant elevation of the serum urea, creatinine and potassium with mild to moderate renal pathological changes.