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In a government survey, a square tract of land six miles on each side, constituting thirty-six square miles. In some states, the name given to the political subdivision of a county.



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En el TP paranoide, aquellos que presentaban diagnostico positivo y probable tenian puntuaciones menores en DR y en AD que aquellos sin el TP, mientras que en C los no TP puntuaban mas que los TP. Los pacientes con TP por evitacion presentaban puntuaciones mas altas en ED y mas bajas en AD que aquellos que no lo presentaban.
A diferencia de lo descrito por Cloninger, en este estudio puntuaciones altas en la dimension caracterial AT se relacionan significativamente con la presencia de TP. No obstante, no se relaciona con ninguno de los trastornos especificos estudiados, a excepcion de una baja correlacion significativa con el TP por evitacion cuando no se incluye el grupo con diagnostico probable.
In this study, we evaluated four populations derived from three crosses of elite inbreds of European flint maize in different selfing generations ([F.sub.3] to [F.sub.6] lines) for both LP and TP. Our objectives were to (i) obtain reliable estimates of the correlation between LP and TP for five agronomic traits, (ii) examine possible causes for their magnitude by comparing genetic variances as well as the proportion of common QTL for LP and TP across populations and traits, and (iii) determine the gene action of QTL identified for LP and their value for the prediction of TP.
An approximative F test was used to test whether the genotypic variance ([[??].sup.2.sub.g]) for LP was larger than [[??].sup.2.sub.g] for TP. Degrees of freedom for the one-tailed F test were calculated according to Satterthwaite (1946).
Section 482 of the IRS Code sets broad rules for evaluating the BALS characteristic of a TP. If the TP is set outside the boundaries of the BALS, the IRS or foreign tax authority may conduct a TP audit and allocate or reallocate profits, deductions, or other income items to determine the true taxable income.
As a result, countries have accepted the BALS as the international standard for assessing TP.