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The serum samples were analyzed for the determination of electrolytes and some trace elements such as calcium (Ca), sodium (Na) copper (Cu), lithium (Li), potassium (K) and iron (Fe) by using atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Nazifi et al., 2003) at Quality Operations Laboratory, UVAS, Lahore.
The calibration curves of six elements: As, Cd, Cr, Ni, Pb and Zn obtained by the instrument using the blank and four working standards 0, 10, 20, 40 and 100 g/L and for Al obtained by the instrument using the blank and three working standards 0, 100, 200 and 300 g/L for all elements, starting from a 1000 mg/L single standard solutions for ICP-MS (Aristar grade, BDH laboratory supplies, England for the trace elements. Correlation coefficient values for all elements were within the range from 0.998 to 0.999.
Interventions: 1-6 trace element measurements per patient.
Keywords: Trace elements availability; Selenium; Alfalfa; Corn; Multivariate analyses
The inorganic component comprises well-defined and tightly-packed nano apatite crystals of calcium and phosphate with small amounts of trace elements. The variation in the arrangement and the size of the apatite crystals of enamel does affect its hardness and optical properties.
Therefore, it is important to differentiate autoimmune neurologic symptoms from other etiologies, such as infection, toxic chemicals, and cobalamin and trace elements deficiency.
On the other hand, trace elements can be also considered nutritional elements, micronutrients.
Moreover, scientific publications in the recent years do not contain information regarding the use of neural networks for the assessment and correction of the balance of trace elements in the body.
Gender-wise distribution of urinary trace elements of healthy individuals of KPK (n=200)
Keywords: Groundwater, Agriculture soil, Physical parameters, Chemical contaminants, Trace elements
Trace elements are the minerals which are required in minute quantities from millionth of a gram (microgram) to thousands of a gram (mg) per day.