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nz "How to Use the Traceroute Command"--a website of Wavelength Media.
Ping can be used to test connectivity from both the client and the server, while traceroute (tracert on Windows and tracepath on some Linux versions) can help determine the available routes and paths to the destination.
A similar result can be appreciated in the measurement of traceroute shown in Figure 6.
regular commands available in UNIX operating systems--like ping, traceroute, netstat, cron, grep and other commands
There are dictionaries, online translators, news sites, shops, entertainment web sites, software archives, and such online tools as whois, traceroute, ping servers and other resources to choose from.
VisualRoute has a graphical interface that integrates the basic connectivity tools of traceroute, ping and whois into one tool that automatically analyzes Internet connectivity.
Del mismo modo, si se da un clic con el boton derecho se tiene acceso a un menu emergente desde el cual es posible invocar distintas opciones como Check now para verificar el estado del equipo, o bien, comandos como conectarse al equipo, hacer ping, hacer un traceroute o explorar via Web el equipo.
The updated application allows network administrators to quickly pinpoint the cause of interruptions and slowdowns in Internet service delivery with its new Traceroute feature, for quick restoration of services.
The operating system's awkward ping and traceroute functions are replaced by Iwan's more intuitive, easy-to-use functions.
The team finds that its ping and traceroute scans of the BCS network are blocked, most likely by an Internet router.
Network utilities such as Ping and Traceroute can help determine whether the problem is confined to Web services, the particular machine, or the larger network.
When you go online, be aware that the sites you visit can gather a lot of information on you--your IP address, which browser you use, your operating system, how many pages you have visited in the present window, whether you allow cookies, what plug-ins you have and even some programs, who owns your network, and, by traceroute, how you got to their site.