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The topology information is essential for identifying a more disjoint path, which motivates us to utilize the traceroute probing.
We collected the traceroute data between the PlanetLab nodes, which was used to calculate the WLS, DOI, physical paths, and round-trip time (RTT).
Use traceroute command to get route path during small network delay fluctuation period repeatedly, and merge route paths.
Currently, Atlas Anchors support ping, traceroute, DNS, SSL, IPv6 reachability, DNSSEC validation, and recently NTP measurements.
* R1 and R7 are learning about the routes from BGP via both R6's uplinks thus R4 and R5 as shown in the traceroute. R1 uses R5 (AS 500) to get to the
To demonstrate the accuracy of our approach, we evaluate the performance on Amazon CloudFront and Windows Azure using ping and traceroute measurements from all globally available PlanetLab nodes with known geographic placement.
Performing a traceroute on the site confirmed that The Pirate Bay was indeed accessing the Internet via North Korea.
This identification is achieved through some form of traceroute, which is the most widely used diagnostic tool on the Internet.
The network was tested further with the "Traceroute" utility.
NetWorx includes a number of other small but useful networking feature such as traceroute, ping, netstat, and a Speed meter.
The special free edition of the solution also includes the company's device management technology and 'point and click' configuration of access control lists, flow filters, ping, traceroute, built-in CLI access and other troubleshooting capabilities.
Isolate the error - using ipconfig, ping and traceroute (or similar tools)