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Erik Peterson, "The Church from Jews and Gentiles" in Theological Tractates, 40.
The Talmudic tractate opens with two major points concerning learning: first, the ultimate authority for it is divine--the Torah has to pass from Moses to Joshua and to the whole of the people by command so that it will be rooted in the generations by incessant faithful study--and, second, it is a learning of a tradition.
The Theological Tractates confirm the distinction between the orders of faith and reason.
The author has largely avoided printed editions, with the exception of the Venice printings used mostly for the tractates Meila and Tamid and sporadic quotes from the Pesaro edition.
Gerson again proved the exemplar, his numerous theological tractates addressing a multitude of disputed practices from mystical experience (critiquing Ruusbroec's union without means) to Joan of Arc's visions and male dress (of which he approved).
At the end of tractate Sotah, in discussing the deterioration of the social order prior to the destruction of the second Temple, the Mishnah cites much material also found in the Tosefta.
42) Translation adapted from The Theological Tractates and the Consolation of Philosophy, ed.
8; Tractates on the Gospel of John 1-10, The Fathers of the Church 78, trans.
In three literary volumes, each comprising multiple physical volumes, Neusner (theology, Bard College) walks particular tractates through the four foundational documents of formative Judaism that he has translated and discussed previously.
They come mostly at the end of tractates or of distinct sections within a tractate, where they serve as signatures.
The Poimandres, as well as all the other extant Hermetic tractates, rather elaborates, with the support of Hellenistic philosophical terminology, the genuinely pagan doctrine the Egyptian priests circulated under the name of Thoth-Hermes.
The same degree of exactitude does not apply to talmudic tractates.