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The third and final source of data upon which we draw in our historical study of trading pits is what may be broadly referred to as (semi-scholarly) 'how to' books, i.
But that's the reality of any marketplace, from the trading pits on Wall Street to bazaars in the Middle East.
First, I heard about hog and pork belly futures taking a blood bath in the trading pits due to the swine flu.
DME Oman, with its higher margin requirements to hold futures contract positions, and better tied to real supply and demand realities in the world's crude markets, was mostly sheltered from the extreme price runs experienced in the New York Mercantile Exchange's crude trading pits.
10 There will be greater oversight by government of the commodity trading pits (if they still exist) and electronic trading of oil and all energy related products whether fossil, or agri based, and on, to assure that all trading is free of manipulation and that pricing represents a free and unfettered markets within mandated ceilings of consumption.
A shock wave from a steep stock market slide in Shanghai on Tuesday rippled through equity markets across the world, dampening the bullish mood in the trading pits.