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It will cover roughly 13,100 square feet and contain 13 trading pits, similar to NYBOT's original WTC trading floor.
Trading pits include benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes, para-xylene, methanol, styrene, propylene, ethylene, MTBE and naphtha.
Online marketplaces, replacing grounded trading pits, are changing the face of the derivatives transaction and propelling this risk financing method into a warp-speed evolution.
Unlike some commodities that are bargained for in trading pits like Chicago's Board of Trade, newsprint is sold in an elaborate give-and-take that never ends.
YESTERDAY saw the launch of Liffe Connect, the new screen-based system that has replaced the noisy and colourful trading pits at the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange.
Picture yourself on the floor of something like the New York Stock Exchange, surrounded by all the trading pits, lots of bells, yelling, pushing and shoving.
Entin: I don't think trade economics is ivory tower stuff; it was out there slogging in the trading pits 200 years before the rest of economics was invented.
Berkowitz sees no disadvantage in being so far from the trading pits in Chicago and New York.
Information literally shifts gears from the speed of light to the speed of tennis shoes, as buy and sell orders pop out of computer networks into trading pits or specialist posts.
We provide an office environment that makes traders feel as energized as they did when they were in the trading pits.