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1 to do with pedestrians and vehicles moving on the roads by virtue of the regulation of such by a series of Road Traffic Acts.
2 to deal; hence many statutory references to many outlawed transactions, e.g. liquor, drug and human trafficking. Extensive powers now exist to confiscate proceeds of drug trafficking.

TRAFFIC. Commerce, trade, sale or exchange of merchandise, bills, money and the like.

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NEW 'intelligent' traffic lights will be switched on this week at the busy Silverlink roundabout on the A19 in North Tyneside.
I stop-started four times in quick succession on my journey through this myriad of traffic light systems.
Temporary traffic lights are causing long delays on the A4064 Oxford Street, Pontycymer around Richard Street, until tomorrow.
Inspector Dave Bell of Merseyside police said: "Offences such as driving through red traffic lights or ignoring give way signs can be very difficult to detect, as many drivers concentrate on their driving more when they see a marked police vehicle.
Suddenly the city, citing demographic concerns, now recognizes the need for the traffic light that parents had long demanded.
Traffic lights were also avoided on 1920s-era local highways by separating the two directions and having a crossover in the middle.
A spokesperson for the Highways Agency said: "We would like to apologise to drivers who were affected by the fault with the temporary traffic lights at the A483 junction with the B5445 Wrexham Road, which was caused by an issue with the batteries.
The number 24 bus, heading to Cardiff Central Station from Llandaff, came into contact with two traffic lights on a raised central reservation, although the bus' wheels did not look to have mounted the kerb.
John Breslin The problems are the traffic lights and ignorant drivers blocking on the roundabout - not the roundabout itself.
There is an overriding general principle born out of common sense and self-preservation and that is this: if you see traffic lights ahead of you, at any distance, mentally prepare to slow down and stop, and then start to slow down and prepare to stop.
The municipality said that a 1982 cabinet decision created a central maintenance unit for traffic lights at the Nicosia municipality with nationwide responsibility offering ongoing training and technical support to the municipalities in the other main towns, which do assume primary maintenance but avail of the central unit's services.
Peter Gray, Head of Highways and Local Services for Newcastle City Council, said: "The particular traffic lights involved in the unfortunate accident in Gateshead were last checked on September 4 and visually showed no defects that were unsafe.

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