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1 to do with pedestrians and vehicles moving on the roads by virtue of the regulation of such by a series of Road Traffic Acts.
2 to deal; hence many statutory references to many outlawed transactions, e.g. liquor, drug and human trafficking. Extensive powers now exist to confiscate proceeds of drug trafficking.

TRAFFIC. Commerce, trade, sale or exchange of merchandise, bills, money and the like.

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If any traffic lights are going spare I suggest under the bridge at Saltburn near Princess Road as crossing there is a nightmare JOSIE TAYLOR, Saltburn
Currently, most of Dubai's traffic lights are pre-timed for pedestrians and vehicles, although in many cases it does allocate more green or red time, depending on traffic flow.
Surrey County Council roadwork's map has confirmed that BT is replacing a joint box, and the work could go on until Tuesday, December 19 with the temporary traffic lights set on a three-way control system.
Initially, we wanted the digital traffic light that has the countdown, but it was not approved because it does not work with the sensors that we have.
Like many in Bahrain I supported the installation of cameras thinking they would improve safety, but now many traffic light locations are dangerous because timings between amber and red are not calibrated to allow drivers, though traveling at the speed limit, to safely stop.
Audi of America President, Scott Keogh stated, "V2I applications and services like Traffic Light Information are essential components as we continue to move toward an autonomous future.
The traffic lights had been due for replacement early next year anyway but, after the failure in September, the council was concerned enough to bring its plan forward.
Kalibo has its first traffic lights at Crossing Banga-New Washington and already in full operation; while the second is at the intersection of Toting Reyes Street and Roxas Avenue Extension, which is currently on a one month dry run.
The technology is seen as more of a step toward completely doing away with traffic lights altogether than a gimmick.
The tricky traffic lights form part of our ongoing series about confusing and irritating roads in the North East.

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