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1 to do with pedestrians and vehicles moving on the roads by virtue of the regulation of such by a series of Road Traffic Acts.
2 to deal; hence many statutory references to many outlawed transactions, e.g. liquor, drug and human trafficking. Extensive powers now exist to confiscate proceeds of drug trafficking.

TRAFFIC. Commerce, trade, sale or exchange of merchandise, bills, money and the like.

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Cops have also also not been able to challan a large number of trucks and buses violating traffic rules.
The traffic department has sent many letters to various government departments advising their drivers on traffic rules," he said.
Many customers did accost us with the question which specific traffic rules there are abroad.
Special squad of ITP education teams have been established to educate people about road safety and traffic rules in various areas of the city including F-8 Exchange, Garden Avenue, Karachi Company Chowk, Tarnol, Bharakau and Aabpara Chowk, to protect the lives and property of citizens.
Delhi Traffic Police have decided to carry out inspection in the night to enforce traffic rules and prosecute violators as maximum accidents take place during this time.
Special efforts are being made to educate the citizens regarding traffic rules and road safety.
5 million imposed on without permit routs vehicles and other traffic rules violators during the month of August, DSP Asghar Marwat said.
This also indicates that the Kingdom attaches great importance to traffic rules and regulations and the traffic authorities are making serious efforts to improve the traffic situation in the country.
MP Dastan Bekeshev (Ar Namys) has proposed to abolish special car plates of government agencies during the parliamentary hearings on the draft laws suggesting higher fines for violation of traffic rules on February 18.
Officer attributes the accident to a callous motorist who turned a blind eye to traffic rules and regulations.
Lectures cover a number of topics including the importance of abiding by traffic rules and road safety.
It would also help reduce the rate of traffic accidents and traffic violations, he said, adding that the new system would enable insuring agencies to store accurate data about the owners of vehicles to create a mechanism to determine fair insurance premiums for vehicle owners who abide by the traffic rules and others who violate them.

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