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1 to do with pedestrians and vehicles moving on the roads by virtue of the regulation of such by a series of Road Traffic Acts.
2 to deal; hence many statutory references to many outlawed transactions, e.g. liquor, drug and human trafficking. Extensive powers now exist to confiscate proceeds of drug trafficking.
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TRAFFIC. Commerce, trade, sale or exchange of merchandise, bills, money and the like.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"People can save money by following traffic rules. The rules have been introduced for the benefit of the society," he said.
City Traffic Police engaged traffic wardens of all districts to make special announcements regarding traffic rules at important points of the city.
The traffic officials asked people to follow the line and lane rule, as the violation of traffic rules could cause accidents and affect smooth traffic flow.
Dasht Levies Force Station's official Shadi Khan Bangulzai told reporter that on Special directives of Assistant Commissioner Dasht Farooq Abdullah, Levies force team took action against those tractors owners' drivers involved in violation of traffic in order to ensure implementation of traffic rule in the area for reducing traffic accidents on National Highway.
He said traffic flow is the sign of national maturity and by abiding traffic rules we can create knowledgeable society.
Of course, it will take more than the efforts of one individual to get the VIP drivers and other motorists to strictly obey traffic rules. However, mounting public outrage, and the actions such as those of an activist who single-handedly confronted a convoy of government vehicles that were being driven on the wrong side of Lang'ata Road recently, are the way to go.
The operators should also follow the traffic rules we have on the roads for safety measures.
Traffic e education and law enforcement campaigns have also been launched to raise awareness among road users about traffic rules and to ensure their implementation, he said.
A total of 13 pickets have been erected in the city and joint operation has been launched to check violation of traffic rules. The policemen will impose fine on those not following traffic rules while smooth flow of traffic would also be ensured.
The DMP is conducting special drive and mobile courts operation to take legal action for violating traffic rules such as using hydraulic horn, hotter, and beckon light, driving vehicle on wrong side and for stopping buses without bus stands.
" He added that Pakistanis should also abide by traffic rules and develop a praiseworthy system like Switzerland.
Islamabad -- The National Highway and Motorway Police in collaboration with Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized an awareness session at Chamber House to educate the business community on the importance of traffic rules compliance in order to avoid road accidents.

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