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The exterior car body features painted stripes that indicate the color of the line the metro trainset will circulate on, the statement said.
The first trainset was completed in January, leaving the Katowice plant for Saudi Arabia via the port of Hamburg.
Hornby said UK sales of Scalextric racing sets and Hornby trainsets had been depressed, but trade in accessories such as individual model locomotives or track extensions had performed well, indicating the robust nature of the market.
Composed of two cars each, the Riyadh metro trainset is 36 metres long and able to accommodate up to 231 passengers.
Alstom will provide and integrate the whole metro system including 50 Metropolis trainsets, power supply, communication, automatic fare control, track works, platform screen doors, and a three-year warranty on the whole system.
Alstom has started the production of trainsets for the three lines of Riyadh Metro being built by the FAST consortium as part of their 2013 contract from the Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA).
This was announced at a presentation of an Evo trainset in Roma, when guests rode the train between Termini and Tiburtina stations.
the scope of the contract will involve undertaking inspections on 17 trainsets with 2 cars per trainset.
The Ministry of Railways has announced that a 10-car version of JR Easts Series E5 Shinkansen trainset will run on India's first high speed rail line between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
The Alstom North LAM MD Xavier Boisgontier commented, We are pleased to hand over, and as per schedule, the last Metropolis trainset to the city of Los Teques.