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A generic term for any kind of copy, particularly an official or certified representation of the record of what took place in a court during a trial or other legal proceeding.

A transcript of record is the printed record of the proceedings and pleadings of a case, required by the appellate court for a review of the history of the case.

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n. the written record of all proceedings, including testimony, in a trial, hearing or deposition (out of court testimony under oath). Jurisdictions vary as to whether the attorneys' final arguments are recorded, with the Federal Court Reporter Act requiring inclusion, but not all states. A copy of the transcript may be ordered from the court reporter and a fee paid for the transcription and first copy; if the opposing party also wants a copy, the cost will not include the transcription fee. In most appeals a copy of the transcript is required so that the court of appeals can review the entire proceedings in the trial court. Copies of depositions may be ordered for a fee from the court reporter who took down the testimony. Transcripts are not printed from the record unless transcription is requested.

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TRANSCRIPT. A copy of an original writing or deed.
     2. In Pennsylvania, the act of assembly of March 20th, 1810, s. 10, calls a copy of the proceedings before a justice of the peace in any case, a transcript: the proper term would be an exemplification.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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