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TRANSFEREE. He to whom a transfer is made.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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With one exception, (34) the MDL-transfer statute specifically limits transfer "for coordinated or consolidated pretrial proceedings" and directs that "[e]ach action so transferred shall be remanded by the panel at or before the conclusion of such pretrial proceedings to the district from which it was transferred unless it shall have been previously terminated." (35) The Supreme Court has confirmed that MDL transferee courts cannot try transferred cases.
With this BIR ruling, it appears that it would not be possible for all the parties to an exchange transaction (assuming they are only five in number) to be granted exemption from tax on their transfers of their properties in exchange for stocks of a transferee corporation.
The IRS sent notices of liability to the former Slone Broadcasting shareholders, claiming that they were liable for the taxes owed on the asset sale because they were "transferees" of Slone Broadcasting under Sec.
In every case this Court has analyzed in which a defendant was found guilty of making a false statement with respect to his status as the actual buyer or transferee on ATF Form 4473, the defendant intended to transfer the firearm to a known third-party at the time of purchase.
When the executor fails to pay estate tax, the IRS has the option of also proceeding against transferees under special lien statutes contained in IRC section 6324 for the collection of any unpaid taxes with respect to property included in the gross estate.
What adds complexity to this context is the multitude of configurations of various groups that influence perceptions of in-groups and out-groups including transferees, PNG and expatriate staff of the service provider for the processing centre, the PNG police and the PNG local residents.
721 contribution, the transferor has latitude either to keep the future deductions or to relinquish them to the transferee. If the transferor chooses to keep the deductions, the transfer is treated similarly to a sale: The transferor continues to take the annual deductions associated with the prior-year addback, while the transferee has no separate North Carolina basis in the asset.
The Fifth Circuit first recited McClellan's explanation of how a transferee "obtains" a debt in a fraudulent transfer: "The [McClellan] court further reasoned that the debt at issue 'arose not when the [transferee's] brother borrowed money from [the creditor] but when [the transferee] prevented [the creditor] from collecting from the brother the money the brother owed him.' Accordingly, the debt was for 'property ...
entity must maintain a qualifying corporate relationship with a foreign entity, but not necessarily the same foreign entity that employed the L-1 transferee. For example, assume a foreign national works for Foreign Company #1 in an executive position for at least one year, after which he transfers to U.S.
One of the first questions a transferee has is "What are my housing options?" On average, the price point of a transferee is just above $400,000, putting the price range of properties that they are looking at between $300,000 and $600,000.
When a loan transfers with an active complaint, there must be a process to ensure that the complaint is resolved or handed off to the transferee in such a way that it is tracked through to resolution.