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The real value of the Iliad or the Transfiguration is as signs of power; billows or ripples they are of the stream of tendency; tokens of the everlasting effort to produce, which even in its worst estate the soul betrays.
"The mighty heaven," said Proclus, "exhibits, in its transfigurations, clear images of the splendor of intellectual perceptions; being moved in conjunction with the unapparent periods of intellectual natures." Therefore science always goes abreast with the just elevation of the man, keeping step with religion and metaphysics; or the state of science is an index of our self-knowledge.
RSVP to Transfiguration Parish, (847) 526-2400, or on the Events tab of the church's Facebook page by the Monday prior to game night.
Contract notice: construction of a replacement building for the children~s house transfiguration of christ in 91301 forchheim
The Roman Catholic Church marks today, August 6, the feast of the Transfiguration of Christ - the manifestation of the Divine Glory that proved that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the living God.
LEADING memorial-park developer Eternal Gardens unveiled today the image of the Transfiguration of Jesus at its newest branch in Barangay Mamatid, Cabuyao City, Laguna.
The Book of Esther and the Typology of Female Transfiguration in American Literature.
The Transfiguration is what seals the deal, puts everything in perspective and integrates Christ's life and mission into this singular grace of being the Father's Beloved Son.
The four ladies are members of the BCBP and had experienced staying at the Benedictine Monastery of the Transfiguration during a Lenten retreat at the peaceful grounds of the monastery.
Catherine Monastery and the renovation work of the famous mosaic of the Transfiguration in Church of the Transfiguration, St.
WASHINGTON * Saying the possession, upgrading and potential use of nuclear weapons is sinful, peacemakers gathered outside the White House on the feast of the Transfiguration and implored the U.S.
Horror movie fans, it's time to grab some popcorn and tune into Michael O'Shea's chilling debut feature, The Transfiguration , which comes to DIFF365@VOX next week.