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The life-saving capabilities of red cell transfusions first became apparent in the early part of the twentieth century with reference to life-threatening bleeding at the time of childbirth.
The History of Blood Transfusion in Sub-Saharan Africa, by William H.
Widespread of parenteral infections in Kyrgyzstan is indirect evidence of epidemiological risk in transfusion sector, Head of the Department of Epidemiology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the State Osh University Imamnazar Taichiyev said.
Dubai To ensure blood transfusion safety, the Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Centre at the Ministry of Health (MOH) emphasised the importance of the West Nile Virus (WNV) test for blood donors.
Of the more than 60% of appropriately transfused units, disseminated intravascular haemolysis and massive transfusions accounted for more than 60%.
More than 160,000 transfusions of blood components occurred in New Zealand in 2009.
1) The majority of MCCC patients, who have a cancer diagnosis, require blood transfusions for the treatment of symptoms such as anaemia.
Three years ago, doctors in Great Britain decided to separate male from female plasma for transfusions.
Most surgical patients, however, have an uncomplicated pre-transfusion workup and generally do not require further transfusions.
In addition, the overwhelming preponderance of data accumulated in the past decade indicate that patients receiving such transfusions have significantly poorer outcomes than do patients not receiving such transfusions, as measured by a variety of parameters including, but not limited to, death and infection.
The model takes into account that persons may receive > 1 transfusion throughout their lifetime, but it does not track the number of transfusions received per person.
Methods: In period I, infants born at <30 weeks gestational age (GA) or < 1,500 g birth weight (BW) were treated prophylactically for six weeks with EPO 1,000 U/kg/wk in three divided doses and blood transfusions were given using a restricted transfusion schedule.

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