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TRANSGRESSION. The violation of a law.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The basic idea suggested, by Winterson, through this transgressional anachronism and marginality is to reveal a new concept of reality.
The transgressional and regressional phases of the Baltic Sea created suitable conditions for the deposition of peat and gyttja, which during the transgressions were coated by minerogenous deposits of the Ancylus Lake and Litorina Sea.
Among the graves of the unknown beings who had preceded him on that soil, his transgressional passion loomed for him like tragic fate, with the stark choice between two sacred values--his marriage to Dar'ia and his commitment to Lydia.
The article argues that the death of Saramago's Jesus and the bleak future which the author sees for a world dominated by dogmatic religion are due to a failure of the individual to take control of his/her own destiny, a potential represented most vividly in this novel by the transgressional figure of Mary Magdalene, who encourages rebellion against established norms.
Nearly time equivalent similar or opposed trends in facies development in the basins around Iberia show the local transgressional or regressional regime caused by the phases of continental plate motion.
The claystone is of particular interest as it contains sparse, abraded bivalve fragments (Venericardia sp.) and represents the transgressional phase, flooding the near shore sediments of the lower Porters Creek.
Emboldened by the transgressional leap of freedom represented by the interracial kiss, Ben and his friends go to the restricted swim club from which they had resignedly walled away at the beginning of the film.