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5) is relative to locations in need indicating that the quantities transhipped to these locations should not exceed their required quantity necessary to bring their realized service level to 1.
for installation of sophisticated communications equipment, before being transhipped to Fort Lewis.
They'll tell me slyly, 'Our brand is being transhipped, I guess we've made it.
The evidence presented by EIA today demonstrates how the involvement of Singaporean companies, brokers, shippers, agents and individuals in the massive international illegal timber trade is made possible by the Singapore's inadequate laws, which facilitate loose regulatory and customs controls over imported and transhipped products throughout its territory.
The waste consists of waste that can be transhipped and transported without pre-treatment as well as waste requiring pretreatment before transport.
The subsidy is calculated on the basis of the number of containers transhipped to or from that waterway.
The transhipped paper (PPK) is delivered by authorized third parties (collection company) to the specifically designated by the future contractor Umladeanlage.