TRANSITUS. The act of going, or of removing goods, from one place to another. The transitus of goods from a seller commences the moment he has delivered them to an agent for the purpose of being carried to another place, and ends when the delivery is complete, which delivery may be by putting the purchaser into actual possession of the goods, or by making him a symbolical delivery. 2 Hill, S. C. 587; 5 John. 335; 2 Pick. 599; 11 Pick.. 352; 2 Aik. 79; 5 Ham. 88; 6 Rand. 473. See Stoppage in transitu.

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raedarum transitus arto/vicorum in flexu et stantis convicia mandrake/eripient somnum Druso vitulisque marinis.
Descriptio ac delineatio geographica detectionis Freti, sive, Transitus adoccasum, supra terras Americanas, in Chinam atque Japonem ducturi, recens investigati ab M.
com/Science_News/2016/04/20/First-North-American-monkey-fossils-recovered-from-Panama-Canal-excavation/8701461183393/) Panamacebus transitus , with the latter term based on the Latin word for transit, meaning crossing.
The reader who interprets Apian's death correctly takes the body from the spike in an ex-cruciation, correctly sees the transitus and translates it.
95) As such, it could have assimilated influences, in Theodor Silverstein's opinion, from early Irish texts such as the visions of Laisren and Adamnan, the Voyage of the Hui Chorra and the Celtic Version of the Transitus Mariae.
TO: Ut igitur vitae ipsius veritas ad posteros transmittenda certius mihi constaret et clarius, adiens locum originis, conversationis et transitus viri sancti [.
2: necesse est enim ut et imus aether habeat aliquid aeri simil et summus aer non sit dissimilis imo aetheri, quia non fit statim in diversum ex diverso transitus.
Prado, Enrique, "El transitus preceptivo en La lampara maravillosa de Valle-Inclan.
53) In Homo sacer, Agamben proposes a personal redefinition of desoeuvrement: It cannot be merely read as the absence of work/activity (assenza di opera) or, as in Bataille, as a form of negativity that is sovereign insofar as it has no use (senza impiego); rather, it must be read as "a generic mode of potentiality, which is not exhausted (like the individual or collective action, intended as the sum of individual actions) in a transitus de potentia ad actum.
Incautos transitus igitur ab itinere poenali ad viam administrativam factus esset, privans Rev.
Gregorio Magno era la fuente patristica de la posicion de Iglesia latina, quien otorgaba a las imagenes una funcion meramente pedagogica ad usum de los iletrados, pero les negaban la posibilidad de convertirse en un transitus hacia la divinidad, como lo hacian los bizantinos de inspiracion neoplatonica (12).
Alla formalizzazione avvenuta con il Concilio, quindi, l'autrice ricollega la proliferazione di testi apocrifi quali i vangeli di Giacomo e dello pseudo-Matteo, nonche il Transitus Mariae di San Giovanni Divino.