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After a surgical procedure is complete, canisters and reservoirs are securely transported to the Transposal processing equipment in decontamination or central sterile processing areas in purpose-built closed transport carts.
Concerning energy efficiency, Belgium has now transposed Council Directive 92/42/EEC on efficiency requirements for new hot-water boilers; transposal is now complete in all Member States.
Booth 1447 * The Transposal System collects and disposes of infectious liquid waste in a closed system, completely eliminating the staff's risk of occupational exposure.
The system has two main components, the Transposal Safety Station and the Transposal High-Fluid Cart.
The infringement proceedings also concern the incorrect transposal and implementation of Directive 89/48/EEC on a general system for the recognition of higher-education diplomas.
The only reported transposal of etaoinshrdlu is outlandisher (OED).
If you look up ABDELNOORS in an anagram dictionary you will find its transposal BANDOLEROS, highwaymen (from Spanish).