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I'm still up at 1am trying to settle a traumatised little girl, shaking in her bed after being so scared tonight, and [who] doesn't want to go out anywhere ever again.
She is quite traumatised and had a tooth loosened, but she's faced with complete denial (from Makelele)," the Sun quoted the lawyer as saying.
If you've seen old movies from the concentration camps that was a little bit the impression, empty looks, extremely traumatised," said Haavard Larsen.
But the raiders, one possibly armed with a crowbar, left them traumatised.
Andrew and Julia have been left with a pounds 700 vet's bill and no way of redress as they cannot trace the owner of the Staffordshire Bull terrier which terrorised their dog and left them traumatised.
What he forgets is that people here are traumatised, that is why they are in Britain.
What Johnson has done is to provide a frame from within which therapists can not only appreciate limitations of one-to-one support for traumatised persons in relationships, they can also conceptualise that the 'traumatised' person's trauma can impact upon the 'un-traumatised' partner--either entrenching behaviours (withdrawal, argumentative exchanges etc.
Sources said Mr Sweales will argue he was traumatised by his work on the probe and was given insufficient support by the force.
RECOVERING: Tufty had been well looked after but was already nervous and is now severely traumatised and in shock
COPS are probing whether the same armed gang was behind two violent robberies in Co Down which left one man in hospital and the victims severely traumatised.
A MASKED robber brandishing a large kitchen knife was disarmed by a traumatised couple during a botched night-time robbery in Thornaby.
Lawyers representing the family said the incident sparked threats against the teen and traumatised him.