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noun accumulation, bank, cache, capital, central money office, coffer, deposit, depository, depot, exchequer, fund, place of deposit, purse, receptacle, repertory, repository, reservatory, reserve, reserve fund, safe, store, storehouse, strongbox, thesaurus, till, treasure house, vault
See also: arsenal, collection, depository, repository, selection, store


the government department responsible for the administration of the nation's finances. Certain transactions (e.g. especially those involving non-resident companies controlled by UK residents) require Treasury consent before they can be lawfully effected.

TREASURY. The place where treasure is kept the office of a treasurer. The term is more usually applied to the public than to a private treasury. Vide Department of the Treasury o the United States.

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Because,' smiling Treasury turned him by the arm towards the sideboard and spoke banteringly, 'it never can be worth your while to come among us and help us.'
'No, no,' said Treasury, 'that is not the light in which one so distinguished for practical knowledge and great foresight, can be expected to regard it.
"This large one here," said the barber, "is called 'The Treasury of various Poems.'"
From this great treasury of waters issue forth limpid streams, which, augmenting as they descend, become main tributaries of the Missouri on the one side, and the Columbia on the other; and give rise to the Seeds-ke-dee Agie, or Green River, the great Colorado of the West, that empties its current into the Gulf of California.
"'Item, that the contents of the Treasury be preserved intact.' Why, that's altered into 'shall be at the absolute disposal of the Vice-Warden'!
The August 4th Wall Street Journal reported: "At the end of May, Japan was the largest foreign owner of Treasurys with a holding of $429 billion.
Treasury Is Seeking To Reassess And Expand Its Largely Single-provider Relationship For Banking And Cash Management Service Delivery (Hereinafter Referred To As treasury Management Services ) In Order To Better Mitigate Operational And Other Risks And Better Support Contingency Planning And Readiness, While Maintaining A Minimum Number Of Vendor Partner Relationships And Continuing To Deliver Quality Services At Reasonable Costs To Treasurys Customers.
The purpose of this Request for Proposals ("RFP") issued by the Department of the Treasury ("Treasury") is to solicit sealed proposals from qualified vendors to establish a contract through competitive negotiations for the procurement of print-to-mail backup site services for Treasurys check printing function.
Treasury Market and also thank the other members of the Interagency Working Group for Treasury Market Surveillance (IAWG), for their participation here today, including the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Federal Reserve Board), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).
Corporate treasurers are enjoying the fruits of a relatively calm but still difficult treasury management environment.
At the outset, let me note that the Federal Reserve Board continues to support the recommendations of the joint Treasury-Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-Federal Reserve Board study-most important, that the Congress extend the Treasury's rulemaking authority over the market beyond the current sunset date.
This, however, is a much more complicated task and requires a great deal more business skill than the risk management that naturally falls within the treasury group's organizational purview.