Treble Damages

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Treble Damages

A recovery of three times the amount of actual financial losses suffered which is provided by statute for certain kinds of cases.

The statute authorizing treble damages directs the judge to multiply by three the amount of monetary damages awarded by the jury in those cases and to give judgment to the plaintiff in that tripled amount. The Clayton Act (15 U.S.C.A. § 12 et seq.), for example, directs that treble damages be awarded for violations of antitrust laws.

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treble damages

n. tripling damages allowed by state statute in certain types of cases, such as not making good on a bad check or intentionally refusing to pay rent. Federal anti-trust violations also carry treble damage penalties. (See: damages)

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TREBLE DAMAGES, remedies. In actions arising ex contractu some statutes give treble damages; and these statutes have been liberally construed to mean actually treble damages; for example, if the jury give twenty dollars damages for a forcible entry the court will award forty dollars more, so as to make the total amount of damages sixty dollars. 4 B. & C. 154; McClell. Rep. 567.
     2. The construction on the words treble damages, is different from that which has been put on the words treble costs. (q.v.) Vide 6 S. & R. 288; 1 Browne, R. 9; 1 Cowen, R. 160, 175,176, 584; 8 Cowen, 115.

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186, 15B, which already provides for treble damages for violations, he noted.
We conclude the circuit court properly granted NSP a directed verdict on the Haldersons' treble damages claim because the evidence at trial was insufficient for a reasonable jury to find, by clear and convincing evidence, that NSP's conduct was willful, wanton, or reckless.
Even if the defendant lacked malicious intent and the infringement had a short duration, a decision awarding enhanced damages likely would not meet the abuse of discretion standard even though the infringement is not truly egregious enough to warrant treble damages.
Many plaintiff landowners are not limited to recovery of actual damages because Alaska Statute section 09.45.730 allows for recovery of treble damages in timber trespass cases, with three exceptions.
As the court stated in Sperry, "[W]e decline to reach the issue of whether Sperry may maintain a class action under the Donnelly Act by forgoing treble damages in favor of actual damages." (92)
In short, the court determined that the character of treble damages under [section] 4 of the Clayton Act was not persuasive in determining the character of treble damages under civil RICO.
With the FHA capital reserve ratio stuck below the congressionally mandated level, it's not surprising that treble damages would appeal to HUD.
She also demanded the CU pay her treble damages, almost $149,000, for their actions.
It is also seeking treble damages resulting from eBay s alleged "willful and malicious conduct," punitive damages, and other remedies.
If the government had prosecuted the case, sanctions could include an award of damages, including treble damages, fines, penalties and other sanctions, including suspension from sales to the federal government.
The complaints allege violations of US and Puerto Rican antitrust laws and seek treble damages. "This was a business decision to put the matter behind us as quickly as possible," said Michael Roberts, Crowley senior VP and general counsel.