Treble Damages

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Treble Damages

A recovery of three times the amount of actual financial losses suffered which is provided by statute for certain kinds of cases.

The statute authorizing treble damages directs the judge to multiply by three the amount of monetary damages awarded by the jury in those cases and to give judgment to the plaintiff in that tripled amount. The Clayton Act (15 U.S.C.A. § 12 et seq.), for example, directs that treble damages be awarded for violations of antitrust laws.

treble damages

n. tripling damages allowed by state statute in certain types of cases, such as not making good on a bad check or intentionally refusing to pay rent. Federal anti-trust violations also carry treble damage penalties. (See: damages)

TREBLE DAMAGES, remedies. In actions arising ex contractu some statutes give treble damages; and these statutes have been liberally construed to mean actually treble damages; for example, if the jury give twenty dollars damages for a forcible entry the court will award forty dollars more, so as to make the total amount of damages sixty dollars. 4 B. & C. 154; McClell. Rep. 567.
     2. The construction on the words treble damages, is different from that which has been put on the words treble costs. (q.v.) Vide 6 S. & R. 288; 1 Browne, R. 9; 1 Cowen, R. 160, 175,176, 584; 8 Cowen, 115.

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The Massachusetts Wage Act is a state statute with teeth--employers who violate the various provisions of the state's wage and hour laws will be ordered to pay mandatory treble damages, court costs, interest, and attorneys' fees upon the judicial finding of a violation in a civil proceeding.
In short, the court determined that the character of treble damages under [section] 4 of the Clayton Act was not persuasive in determining the character of treble damages under civil RICO.
The False Claims Act imposes the civil fraud penalties and treble damages upon "any person" who submits a false claim to the government, and the question was whether the act's reference to a "person" encompassed states and their agencies.
The court did note that "provisions in arbitration agreements that prohibit punitive damages are generally enforceable," but this still leaves open the questions of whether more inclusive drafting could have cut off antitrust treble damages claims or whether effective remedy limits would render arbitration an inadequate--and therefore impermissible--substitute for a judicial forum for antitrust and other statutory claims.
According to Carpenter, possible advantages under state consumer protection laws include treble damages awarded for knowing violations and a burden of proof that is generally lower than that required for a finding of gross negligence.
But because Pet, Carnation, and Continental were at various times selling pies outside the Salt Lake City area for higher prices, they were found guilty of anti-competitive practices and forced to pay treble damages.
The trial court deleted treble damages in its final order.
The IRS took the position that a portion of the settlement payment represented punitive treble damages and, thus, was a nondeductible fine or similar penalty under Sec.
The new penalty, which was effective May 26, authorizes HUD to impose treble damages, or three times the amount of any FHA mortgage insurance benefit claimed by the lender, according to HUD.
A New York statute, RPAPL [section] 853, prohibits a landlord from re-entering "in a forcible or unlawful manner," and gives the tenant a right to treble damages.
Before the decision, many cases were settled before trial merely to avoid the possibility that treble damages would be imposed against losing RICO defendants.