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Geordi La Forge, the character played by LeVar Burton (see story above) in Star Trek: The Next Generation, was named after real-life Trekkie George La Forge, who died of muscular dystrophy in 1975.
The leads, Justin McCoubry as Princeton and Elizabeth Rousseau as Kate, turn in fine performances, and the supporting cast features several standouts-including Michael D'Angelo as Rod, and Kevin Brady, who employs a deep, raspy voice in a spot-on portrayal of Trekkie.
Thomas Booch, head of Berlin-based distrib Magic Picture Home Entertainment, has become a hero to Trekkies around the planet after not only providing Paramount and CBS Home Entertainment with the long-lost 1965 original cut of the "Star Trek" pilot episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before," but also for largely restoring it.
"We are confident that this contest will inspire the true Star Trek fanatic to tell us why they are the biggest Trekkie."
Hogarth Press also published her posthumous children's book, The Treasure of Li-Po, with illustrations by Trekkie Ritchie Parsons, in 1948.
Bonilla playing a paramedic who bursts through the doors of County General shouting something like, "BP 100 over 80, pulse ox 89, left leg crushed ..." Or, if you're a Trekkie, you know her as a Klingon named Bu'kaH on Star Trek: Enterprise, complete with furrowed forehead and prosthetic teeth.
LaTorella says that popular items this year are likely to be Hugh Jackman's Boy from Oz bear, Kristin Chenoweth's Good Witch bear from Wicked, and Trekkie Monster bear, the Internet addict from Avenue Q.
"So I went back and read a lot of science fiction." A self-described "space freak," she is a Trekkie [as in Star Trek], who has her own ideas about what lies in the great beyond.
He is a Star Trek[R] fan (a"Trekkie") who has a model of the Starship Enterprise[R] hovering over his bed.
Later, as Waplington's cropped form shimmers beside a bank of rusted loudspeakers, he appears caught in the act of manifesting or disintegrating, a bald and naked Trekkie visiting the long-deserted catastrophe of some backward planet.
It has been 50 years since Star Trek first pledged to 'boldly go where no man had gone before' with Birmingham's NEC playing host to largest convention of Trekkie memorabilia and opportunities to meet the shows stars, including Captain Kirk, played by Shatner.
Uber Trekkie Pegg also co-wrote the script that is faithful to the soaring spirit of joshing optimism and adventure of the original 60s TV show.