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Influence of steep Trendelenburg position and CO2 pneumoperitoneum on cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and respiratory homeostasis during robotic prostatectomy.
Anaesthesia for laparoscopic kidney transplantation: Influence of Trendelenburg position and CO2 pneumoperitoneum on cardiovascular, respiratory and renal function.
Other complications reported in the literature are related to placing the patient in a steep Trendelenburg position during the surgical procedure.
Once good exposure and adequate Trendelenburg position are achieved, place Kocher clamps across the cornual portion of the uterus (incorporating the round ligament, tube, and utero-ovarian pedicle) (FIGURE 1).
Additionally, the use of ultrasound and/or fluoroscopy, the Trendelenburg position, and bladder distension during percutaneous SPT placement may help to decrease the incidence of bowel injury in this population (see Figure 4).
Presence of cardiac comorbidity was not considered a contraindication of laparoscopic hysterectomy unless it contraindicated prolonged steep Trendelenburg position or use of pneumoperitoneum.
In 42 patients without cardiopulmonary disease, PPV and SVV were measured before and after administration of 500 ml colloid under pneumoperitoneum combined with the steep Trendelenburg position (35[degrees]).
He was taken the oxygen mask on and regained his consciousness while being placed in Trendelenburg position.
The foot of the bed is elevated so that the patient is in the Trendelenburg position throughout his stay in hospital.
Perilli V, Sollazzi L, Bozza P et al 2000 The effects of the reverse Trendelenburg position on respiratory mechanics and blood gases in morbidly obese patients during bariatric surgery Anesthesia & Analgesia 91 1520-5
Care was taken to avoid deleterious effects associated with positioning frail, neurologically compromised patients in a supine or Trendelenburg position for 30 minutes.
Opportunities abounded--Semmelweiss, Trendelenburg position, caesarean section, James Young Simpson and chloroform, Sims and William Hunter.