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TRET, weights and measures. An allowance made for the water or dust that may be mixed with any commodity. It differs from tare. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Each participant received one dose of TreT by oral inhalation during the treatment period.
Whyh should Canton have a potentiallyl twow of the biggest Welsh-medium primaryr schools c (TreT ganna & YPC) located within metresr of eachc other?
tret The Dermot Weld-trained Impound, which battled well to land his maiden in Killarney, might cope with the conditions well enough to go close in the opening nursery.
Pakistan is situated between latitudes 24 and 37 while at present most of the loquat growing areas in Pakistan (Kasur, Sargodha, Kalar Kahar, Choa Saiden Shah, Chhattar, Tret, Hasan Abdal, Wah, Haripur and Mardan) lie between latitudes 31 and 34 and there is room to expand its cultivation towards the north up to Malakand and Dir; and the south up to areas including Okara and Sahiwal, as it can grow in the areas, where citrus species are cultivated (Badenes et al., 2000) and Pakistan is one of the largest citrus producing countries of the world (Mahmood and Sheikh, 2006).
For system (5.1), it is sufficient for the proofs of our results that we tret the change of diffusion terms [partial derivative][u.sub.i]/[partial derivative]t(t, x) to d[u.sub.i](t)/dt, (i = 1, 2).
[LPP 219; the reference is to the chorale "Vor deinem Thron tret' ich," BWV 668, which Bach's Art of the Fugue used as a conclusion]
Doch will mich wer begleiten Da unten aus dem Saal, Dem hau' ich in die Seiten Und tret' ihm aufs Pedal!
(5.) Arif S and Kamran I, Exploring the Choices ofContraception and Abortion among Married Couples in Tret, Rural Punjab, Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan: Population Council, 2007.
Mi yet, mi longpela winim olgeta, lukim, nau ting ting tasol, nau harim tok tok bilong ples nau painim painim planti kainkain tingting olsem wanpela liklik tret samting, bilong wokim samting olsem bilum.