trial by jury

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The first half of the concert comprised of Ugie Voices' rendition of Trial by Jury and the second half featured a variety of performances including pop songs, show tunes and some traditional numbers.
Part II describes the bases upon which damages caps have been challenged in Missouri and the role of the right to trial by jury in analyzing damages caps.
Trial by Jury, first produced in 1875 is the only G&S work with no dialogue and has the British justice system as its subject matter.
[i]n the trial of all causes in the District Courts, the plaintiff or defendant shall, upon application made in open court, have the right of trial by jury; but no jury shall be empaneled in any civil case unless demanded by a party to the case, and a jury fee be paid by the party demanding a jury, for such sum, and with such exceptions as may be prescribed by the Legislature.
Activities of the Russian trial by jury were curtailed during the First World War.
Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd said the budget cuts meant expenditure, in real terms, would be a third less than in 2010 and that it was time to draw the line on cases meriting the right of trial by jury.
Back in 1963, the same two operettas were performed, and two of the original cast - Pamela Robinson and Dylys Bradbury - were on stage again in Trial by Jury. Pamela is the producer, too and, remarkably, Dylys has appeared in all 50 shows.
Until 1998, the majority of intermediate appellate courts in Florida protected the right to trial by jury in a civil case involving a claim at law by way of common law certiorari.
The fight to trial by jury was often denied by the royal government of New Hampshire.
This may not have mattered so much to those already wellacquainted with Trial by Jury, a topsy-turvy tale of a breach of promise, but much of the comedy would have been lost on newcomers to the operetta.
THE Attorney-General's former cleaner elected trial by jury when she appeared in court yesterday charged with immigration offences.
Lord Judge, the Lord Chief Justice, sitting with two other judges, allowed a prosecution appeal to have a fourth trial without a jury, announcing "the danger of jury tampering and the subversion of the process of trial by jury is very significant".