Trial list

TRIAL LIST. A list of cases marked down for trial for any one term.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Being awarded a place on the Best 20 Learning Management Systems Offering Free LMS Trial list by eLearning Industry adds to UpsideLMS' successive achievements over the years, including a second place on eLearning Industry's Best Value for Money Learning Management Systems for SMBs list, a maximum number of Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology awards, a place on the recently announced 2019 Fosway 9-GridTM as a "Potential Performer" for a second successive year, and as a finalists on the 2019 Talented Learning Awards for Excellence in Corporate Extended Enterprise Systems.
Ladbrokes odds-compiler James Pryce said: "I didn't know much about her when I saw her on the trial list. While her Irish form looked decent, I thought I was safe putting her in at 20s only for that to be taken quite quickly.
Subsequently, Distasio requested that the trial court vacate the arbitration award and restore the case to the jury trial list.
It then transpired that the names of the Fahy dogs were on the trial list but spaced out and not all in early trials as requested so as not to have jeopardised return travel plans.
Among the group were former British Lion Mike Slemen and England trial list Terry Morris.
Each trial list went to the post,faced with the task of sending their dog up a steep field and guiding it -if necessary -through one of the newly-made gaps at either corner of the fence.
The relationship between the two clubs was further demonstrated when trial list Cristiano Schwegler began the game at left-back for Arsenal but swapped sides at half-time.
WINNING this fabulous competition couldn't be easier.What's more, the lucky owner will also receive a bonus prize worth almost pounds 600 -12 months of tuition with world champion sheep dog trial list Aled Owen.
The highly regarded Under-18 England trial list and Cheshire County player Andy Roberts is not noted for try scoring,but the big lock forward chose a good time to pick up six metres out and drive over to put his team back in the game at 11-10.
``I have not had a trial list here,'' said Moyes.``A player did arrive but didn't want to train, so we sent him away.''