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We want the mall to become a one-stop shop, with an identity that is unmistakably General Trias.
Trias added: "We have secured the fuel but we are still seeking funding for filming the test flight, hiring speedboats and insurance.
In his 27-year career in commercial real estate, Trias has represented a number of Long Island's largest properties and portfolios, and has successfully executed locally the plans of many of the nation's largest corporations.
Y Pablo Lopez, Juliana Gonzalez y German Cano eligen el argumento etico para estudiar la obra de Trias.
Before last Thursday, it had been exPeCted that the House would vote early this week on a TRIA extension bill reported out of the House Financial Services Committee just before Thanksgiving by a 64-3 vote.
2) It's group hug time for Diana DeGarmo, left, Fantasia Barrino and Jasmine Trias when the latter was voted off of ``American Idol.
Para realizar su montaje, Octavio Trias conto con la excelente adaptacion del texto, que se debe a Mireya Vidales, quien sintetiza la anecdota, actualiza el lenguaje y prescinde de la retorica, dejando al desnudo la accion.
He however said that local officials in General Trias were still looking forward to a ceremonial signing with the president sometime next month.
This is a typical example of an environmentally challenged property whose bark was worse than its bite," Schwartzberg said, noting that he and Trias spent time learning about the property's issues from the landlord's environmental attorney, James Rigano of Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman LLP, of East Meadow.
Based on TEL's industry-proven Trias platform, the Trias HP Ti (High Performance Ti) is unique in its ability to deposit titanium (Ti) films over a wide temperature range, including temperatures that are significantly lower than those typically required by conventional Ti CVD reactors.
He cited Trias bravery and was thankful to be given the chance to pay tribute to a hero, whose Catandunganon roots is also shared by his wife Shalani.