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A general term for a court, or the seat of a judge.

In Roman Law, the term applied to an elevated seat occupied by the chief judicial magistrate when he heard causes.

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n. any court, judicial body, or board which has quasi-judicial functions (such as a public utilities board which sets rates or a planning commission which can allow variances from zoning regulations).

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a body convened to hear a dispute. While a court is a kind of tribunal, the word is often used for something which is not a court. In the constitutional law of the UK, an alternative forum for the resolution of disputes instead of the ordinary courts. They are mostly miscellaneous and are set up by statutes for various purposes. They quite often have entirely different rules of evidence and procedure from ordinary courts. They are generally supposed to be more flexible, more expert and speedier than the normal courts. They operate in many fields, including taxation, immigration, and landlord and tenant cases. The lives of many are affected by social security tribunals and the EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNALS appear to have been so much of a success that they are busy, respected and are given new jurisdictions from time to time. Some form of appeal usually lies from a tribunal, at least on law, to the ordinary courts, and there is a supervisory jurisdiction in the COUNCIL ON TRIBUNALS.

In the international sphere where the legal foundations are less solid, the German and Japanese war criminals were tried by an International Military Tribunal. At the time of writing the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia is still sitting. It was established under the Charter of the United Nations. See also WAITANGI TRIBUNAL.

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TRIBUNAL. The seat of a judge; the place where he administers justice; but by this term is more usually understood the whole body of judges who compose a jurisdiction sometimes it is taken for the jurisdiction which they exercise.
     2. This term is Latin, and derives its origin from the elevated seat where the tribunes administered justice.

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The constituted panels comprise the National Assembly Election Petition Tribunals, Governorship Election Petition Tribunals and State Assembly Election Petition Tribunals.
QUETTA -- An Appellate Tribunal of the Balochistan High Court on Thursday rejected provincial Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan's petition alleging that Muhammad Aslam Bhootani had won the NA-272 Gwadar-Lasbela seat in the general election through rigging.
ASTORE -- Chief Justice (CJ) of Chief Court Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), Justice Wazir Shakeel here on Thursday visited the service tribunal.
While the experience of appointing serving judges of the high courts as election tribunals was not so encouraging in past as mostly the election petitions remained pending by the time the concerned assemblies had completed its term, the ECP, on the recommendations of the concerned chief justice of the high court, decided to appoint serving judges as election tribunals instead of going for former judges.
A total of four tribunals have been formed for Sindh, three for Balochistan, eight for Punjab, and five for Khyber Pak0htunkhwa, it said.
There is not a standardized name in companies' employee-relations manuals for their internal tribunals. Some of the names which will be encountered in this paper are Roundtable, Appeal Board, Appeals Board, Board of Review, Right of Review Board, Advisory Committee, Grievance Panel, and Ad-Hoc Committee.
He also wants the court to annul all appointments to the judicial tribunals, which were not made by the JSC through a competitive process.
287(1) of the Unclos, a signatory state may choose any one or more of the following tribunals to settle the disputes it brings: 1) the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, or Itlos, based in Hamburg, Germany, (2) the International Court of Justice, or ICJ, based in The Hague, The Netherlands, 3) ad hoc arbitration (in accordance with Annex VII of Unclos); or, 4) a special tribunal constituted for certain categories of disputes (under Annex VIII of Unclos).
EVEN as the new government announced its plans to overhaul existing systems within the Ministry of Water Resources, official records indicate that only three of the eight tribunals set up by the Centre to examine inter-state river disputes have settled cases while the others are nowhere close to settling the decadesold matters referred to them.
No Tribunal under the provision of section 12 1 of the Insurance Ordinance of 2000, was constituted till 20-6-2006 when a notification was issued by Law Justice and Human Right Division, in exercise of powers under section 121 of the Insurance Ordinance of 2000, and the Federal Gove rnment constituted Special Tribunals for entertaining and deciding the claims of the policy holders and the respondent/insurance corporation.
THE RECENT TREND FAVORING THE CREATION of independent tax tribunals as a means to resolve state tax issues prior to litigation is a significant development in the area of adjudicating state tax appeal controversies.

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