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TRIBUTE. A contribution which is sometimes raised by the sovereign from his subject, to sustain the expenses of the state. It is also a sum of money paid by one nation to another under some pretended right. Wolff, Sec. 1145.

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Tributary system and aean values worked in the region as socialization force so effectively that one can conclude that rise of china will enforce peace more and no violence or major conflict will occur in this rising phase of china.
Nevertheless, the tributary system is a familiar part of Southeast Asia's history and at the cost of independence it was tolerable, especially as an alternative to confrontation with Chinese military power.
Hostetler's resistance to the idea that a tributary system as such ever existed in China gives me pause.
Even better, the aboriginal chiefdoms in Apalachee already had perfected a tributary system in which corn harvests moved from the hinter-lands into central storage.
Takeshi Hamashita traces Asianism to the ancient Chinese-dominated tributary system, which he states lasted for more than a thousand years and reached its apex under the Ming and Qing dynasties.
The rural population of 474,000 is clustered in towns and villages throughout the Amazon tributary system.
Late Qing (1644-1912) writers inherited the perceptions and prejudices of earlier, especially Ming, writers on Japan, who had viewed the Japanese as "Dwarfs," condemning them for piracy, aggressive behavior (especially in regards to Taiwan), and withdrawal from the tributary system.
when Zoroaster in Iran, Buddha in India, and Confucius in China almost simultaneously formulated ideologies adequate for the tributary system in question.
Under Wagner and others in the Authority who shared his vision, the new mission eventually grew to encompass a broad combination of activities, from the harnessing of the valley's tributary system to the construction of a model city designed to attract and support a new industrial base for the region.
Improve the already existing side tributary system RE-hrsdorf/Rossatz through a new inflow from the Danube; a bridge for higher water discharge; and the creation of new gently sloping river banks;
Although Chinese mapmakers possessed the means and the ability to produce incredibly accurate maps of at least China itself (and in fact did so), world maps were also designed to serve the cultural purpose of depicting the world according the ideal of the tributary system.
This grouping of "Sinicized states" was bound by China's tributary system and evolved into what he refers to as a "Confucian society," among which war became "so unlikely as to be almost unthinkable" (p.