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TRIBUTE. A contribution which is sometimes raised by the sovereign from his subject, to sustain the expenses of the state. It is also a sum of money paid by one nation to another under some pretended right. Wolff, Sec. 1145.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Masilo answered, saying that the number of their fighting-men was perhaps the half of a full regiment, that their cattle were many, for they were rich, that they paid no tribute, and that the name of the young man was Bulalio the Slaughterer--at the least, he was known by that name, and he had heard no other.
Then the tribute the mob paid him was a sorry tribute indeed, for that same mob had wallowed "Ephemera" into the mire.
He never wrote to them--that may have been selfish, but it was a part of the flattery of his trust of me; for the way in which a man pays his highest tribute to a woman is apt to be but by the more festal celebration of one of the sacred laws of his comfort; and I held that I carried out the spirit of the pledge given not to appeal to him when I let my charges understand that their own letters were but charming literary exercises.
When they had paid their tribute of politeness by curtsying to the lady of the house, they were permitted to mingle in the crowd, and take their share of the heat and inconvenience, to which their arrival must necessarily add.
If any town should engage in rebellion or mutiny, fall into violent factions, or refuse to pay the usual tribute, the king has two methods of reducing them to obedience.
The Gulf Hotel Bahrain's Marketing and Communications Manager Ryan Advincula added: "The Sherlock Holmes is building on the success of the Bryan Adams tribute and building a legacy of bringing top notch tributes to audiences in Bahrain.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 20 (ANI): Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi other leaders on Tuesday paid tributes to former late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on his 75th birth anniversary by offering flowers to his portrait in Parliament.
At this point, players need to offer 3 Tributes aboard the Leviathan, which will serve as proof of the players exploits.
A lineup of tributes to Billy Joel, Van Morrison, David Bowie and Pink Floyd will take center stage this month as Naper Settlement, in conjunction with the Naperville Heritage Society's 50th anniversary, sponsors the next shows in the Naper Nights series.
TRIBUTES have flooded in for an LFC fan after reports of his sudden death.
MUZAFFARABAD -- The activists and sympathizers of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Freedom League (JKPFL), Sunday, organized a special gathering in Muzaffarabad where Quran Khawani was offered and tributes paid to martyred leader, Abdul Khaliq Ganai (Jamal Afghani).
There's a Queen tribute by Flash, an Oasis tribute by Oasish, Bon Jovi-a-likes Bon Giovi, Abba copyists Abba Revival, UB40 tributes Johnny2Bad, and a Michael Jackson tribute by James Aston.