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This may seem like a trick question, but there are legitimate reasons for asking it.
The children and audience were kept on the edge of their seats in anticipation as international quiz-master Derek O'Brien shot them with one trick question after another.
Then you must wait up to three months to go for a test, which you will fail the first time, with a trick question if your driving is actually good.
There may be a trick question on the boards about using strawberry jelly as spermicide.
c, Trick question, bowhunting is not allowed in the UK though red deer are quite common.
When Jesus was asked a trick question by representatives of a conservative religio-political party of his day, he didn't fall for the trap (Luke 20).
The editors at BIBR have to heed an earlier rooster to catch us with a trick question like `whether this book by a black American is dangerous to our community.
Before you even attempt to answer, watch out - it's a trick question.
At one point, he had Myhrvold doubled over with laughter when, after pausing before answering what he thought was a trick question from Boies, the government lawyer said he would in future indicate if it was a trick question by raising his right hand before asking it - and then demonstrated the technique.
I hesitated before asking what I knew would be a trick question.