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Eva Karcher, Ursache und Wirkung des Bildverstandnisses des Konzils von Trient, en Rainer Beck, Reiner Volp, Gisela Schmirber (Comp.), Die Kunst und die Kirche, Munich, 1984, p.
In the first category one finds the social-historical work of Josef Wohlmuth, Realprasenz und Transsubstantiation im Konzil von Trient: Eine historisch-kritische Analyse der Canones 1-4 der Sessio XIII (2 vols; Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 1975).
In one of Musil's editorials, published on 20 August 1916, entitled "Bin ich ein Osterreicher?" the author writes: "Bin ich ein Osterreicher, wenn ich in Wien, Graz, Triest oder Trient heimatsberechtigt bin?" (K4/Lesetexte/Band 11/Erzahlungen und Kurzprosa).
Ils sont installes dans un batiment couvert, en dur, et trient de leurs mains une grande quantite des 2.000 tonnes quotidiennes de dechets que recoit le CET.
Opting to reach the Trient hut that evening in one big push, they agree to forego an early finish to the day at the nearby Argentiere hut.
Yet in other respects, Trent 1475 closely resembles "Prozess gegen diejuden von Trient." This slim volume is a hastily executed occasional piece designed to honor the donors and holder of the manuscript, to reinforce twentieth-century convictions about the persistence of antisemitism, and to display certain currently fashionable methods of dealing with texts.
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Since the commissioning of the two power stations Le Chtelard in 1923 and Vernayaz in 1927, SBB uses the hydropower potential of the catchment areas of mountain streams La Barberine, L~Eau Noire and the side valleys of the Val du Trient in the Lower Valais.
Une fois sur place, ils trient les ballots de vetements usages contenant chacun un type particulier de vetements (jeans, polos, leggings, jupes, etc.) et pouvant peser plus de 1000 livres.
The standard and indispensable history of the council is Hubert Jedim Geschichte des Konzils yon Trient, 4 vols.
Milan also houses the Corniani-Algarotti collection (1891), consisting of about 10,000 librettos of the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries and the Disertori music collection of some 2,000 twentieth-century printed and manuscript scores, together with microfilms of the Trient codices.