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It joins more than 25 Hilton properties trading or in development in Italy, and will be the first Hilton property in Trieste.
Trieste, home to Italy's main free trade zone and capital of the prosperous Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, is located in the far northeast of the country.
This Association was formed in 2002 for those ex-servicemen who served in the Free Territory of Trieste from 1945 and 1954.
Connecting the Austrian inland to maritime trading routes, Trieste also stimulated audacious political fantasies.
Trips to Trieste have been arranged and area meetings are held in various parts of the country.
TRIESTE, Italy, Jan 31 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Consul General in Milan and Northern Italy, Abdulnasser Bu Khadhoor met Friday with officials in Trisete, the capital of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, on ways of boosting bilateral relations and cooperation.
L'articolo intende fare luce sulle relazioni tra Saba e la sua citta e sull'eredita di Trieste nella cultura e nella poesia sabiane, allo scopo di definire precisamente l'immagine triestina per come risulta dalla lettura del Canzoniere.
They were right: Bronzin's long-forgotten 85-page study, published in Leipzig and Vienna by a Trieste professor of political and commercial arithmetic eight years after Louis Bachelier's once neglected but now famous Theorie de la speculation (1900), is a remarkable mathematical analysis of option pricing, deriving formulas similar to the option pricing formula of Fischer Black, Robert C.
This important event will not take place in Trieste by chance.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Ambassador to Roma Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini and authorities of Italy's free port of Trieste discussed ways to expand trade ties between the two sides.
The European Investment Bank signed, on 29 April, a 20 million finance contract with Sincrotrone Trieste for the completion and launch of the new FERMI@Elettra light source.
After a rough, 200-mile tow through seasonably rough seas, Trieste and her tow vessel, USS Wandank (ATA 204), arrived at their dive site, seven miles above the seafloor.