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"The trigger mechanism was not perfect as a result secondary blast in the cylinder and IED didn't get initiated.
The Panic-X eliminates trigger punch with an anti-slap trigger mechanism that prevents the hook from opening when the trigger isn't properly squeezed.
Prashant Rawat, Head of Broadcast Operations for NDTV commented: "For a live news channel such as ours, the Amagi watermark triggers turned out to be a much more reliable content trigger mechanism than SCTE-35 and DTMTF cue-tones.
Remington agreed to provide vouchers from $10 to $12.50 each to owners of older models that can't be retrofitted with the new trigger mechanism.
Trigger mechanism: Hammer does not engage sear, lock-release levers or trigger
The new 'auto/manual' valve is produced using advanced precision manufacturing and thoroughly tested to the highest quality standards to guarantee maximum reliability whilst maintaining a very competitive selling price --even against current automatic-only shut down valves.Further advantages include increased diesel engine efficiency as the valve disc seating design and low friction trigger mechanism results in a lower air flow restriction at higher flow rates than in some traditional designs.
[12], such examples are associated with the force of the trigger mechanism that caused the violent upward injection.
THOSE WHO READ MY ARTICLES KNOW that I am a proponent of handguns with a double-action-only trigger mechanism for defensive purpose, and some of the most user-friendly DAO pistols on today's market are made by Kahr Arms.
He called for a realistic trigger mechanism to adjust the RFS to market reality.
Scientists believe the trigger mechanism involves natural helper cells, a recently discovered element of the immune system.
Carwyn The trigger mechanism requires 40 of the 60 AMs to vote in favour and without at least some opposition support would be lost.
After tackling a man armed with a shotgun to the floor, he stuck his finger in the trigger mechanism to stop the man firing the gun, injuring his finger in the process.