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4) The tromba marking made sure the parts went to the right player, who then determined the proper instrument to use.
of Bergen) explores the spirit possession practice called tromba as it unfolds in Marofatsy, a small village situated in the interior of the Betsimisaraka region of eastern Madagascar.
Un articulo suyo puede leerse en el semanario El Proletario (Santiago, 10 de septiembre de 1897), dirigido por el mismo Olea y publicado por la Union socialista, y pronto, en marzo de 1898, asociandose mas estrechamente con Escobar y siempre con Olea, lo vemos fundando la mitica revista La Tromba.
Ticking numerous genre boxes, big disco-house numbers Running Out and Stay sit beside riffheavy electro bangers like Cross The Line while La Tromba provides the funky latin grooves.
In fact, the only genuine thrill was the Welsh/Kelly duet "Suoni la tromba.
That morning I had witnessed a possession service where, in one of the indigenous religions of Madagascar, someone--usually a woman--tries to become possessed by a tromba (spirit of a deceased king).
All-female trumpet quartet Bella Tromba will launch the Stratford-on-Avon Music Festival on October 13.
As superintendent, Parent has instituted several innovative changes at Cottage Grove High School that her assistant superintendent, Peter Tromba, feels have been instrumental in the school's improvement in student performance.
Also featured in the event will be London trumpet quartet Bella Tromba and much-admired Welsh soprano Helen May.
Chafe continues: "At the same time they [the alleged Phrygian tetrachords] form the exact inversion of the ascending fourth of phrase 4 of the chorale (d"-e"-f#"-g"), which enters immediately in the tromba da tiarsi, producing the aforementioned e"-e[?
For me the most interesting were the opening and closing concertos: the gentle and persuasive Concerto for Two Mandolins, RV 532, and the robust Concerto RV 555 for three violins, two recorders, two viole all'inglese, chalumeau, two cellos, two harpsichords, and two violini in tromba marina.
Para el pescador el nombre mas usado es culebra, aunque algunos marcan diferencias, pues esta toma el agua y la tromba la descarga.