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Skin Deep" identifies and traces the various tropes used to typecast Aboriginal women, contributing to their lasting hold on the colonial imagination even after conflicting records emerged.
Edwards covers an argument that tropes provide a much better account of causation than does realism.
Therefore in order to understand these exchanges between literature and other various dimensions of the world, it is productive to take different tropes into consideration in our critical readings and writings.
These twelfth-century events form the basis of the tropes Ulin traces through literaiy, historical, and artistic works from the nineteenth century to the present day.
The author acknowledges that Lewis' work relies strongly on gender tropes of femininity: passive, receptive, intuitive, gentle or weak, and on opposing stereotypes of women as vain, selfish rulers, or humble, self-sacrificing servants.
To put it another way, Lyne argues that Shakespeare's plays feature characters that think through tropes.
Properties, Ehring argues, are individual things, and since a theory of tropes can account for the nature of properties, we may dispense with universals.
Tropes of mestizaje or branqueamento-racial mixing/whitening--depoliticize blackness through official refusal to cite cultural contributions and emphasize instead a whitened blending.
Rather, her character is a composite of thematic, intertextual, and religious tropes that work in conjunction with the other instantiations of biblical motifs or characters in the text to bring forth the recognition of suppressed contents and to negotiate between various realms of consciousness.
Defamation is essential to justify Israel's elimination from the world stage; the antisemitic tropes of conspiracy, blood libel (and its derivatives the infanticide libel and the genocide libel), Jewish criminality, Zionism as Nazism, Zionism as racism, and Jewish self-incrimination are applied to Israel; and calls to boycott Israel resonate with the history of antisemitism.