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The Trump cards of Hafiz Saeed and Afghanistan may not be enough: it will be interesting to see if Khan will risk sacrificing domestic popularity and acquiescence to more social and progressive reforms.
" See, if you are allowed to retain eight players with the help of the three trump cards, then the core of the teams -- especially the teams who have been successful -- would remain almost the same.
Once this negotiation is settled, the player to the dealer's left (or to the left of the person who now owns the trump card) turns one card face up.
"These top trump cards are another way of us interacting with our communities, letting them know who we are and that we''re here for them, whatever their age.
Henceforth, Macedonia definitely has many trump cards in the negotiations with Greece.
The 29-year-old's game is clearly not in perfect shape and he will probably not be trusted for much foursomes action at Harding Park Golf Club, but as a fourballs partner with the power to make a birdie on any hole, Scott could be one of Norman's trump cards.