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This is important because when all the globally distributed nodes in the blockchain ledger work with the same level of information and avoid making irrelevant or wrong decisions, consensus builds up in blockchain's trustless operations.
- A live, trustless audit trail for any Sense-enabled data ecosystem
The need for a trustless setup comes from the fact that all parties- shippers, manufacturersandsuppliers- have different economic and political interests at stake.
They would like the entirety of social and political life to end up on public ledgers that are supposedly "permissionless" (accessible to everyone) and "trustless" (not reliant on a credible intermediary such as a bank).
innovation of Bitcoin because it stands as a 'trustless' proof
LQDEX-(pronounced "liquid-ex") is a decentralized trustless cross-chain digital asset exchange.
"Blockchain continues to demonstrate opportunities to harness the power of the internet in a trustless, decentralised environment.
The promise of blockchain is to replace reputation-based consensus with a "trustless" protocol invulnerable to human foibles.
Blockchain, a form of distributed ledger technology (DLT), is essentially a decentralized, trustless, openly auditable ledger that can be shared and viewed by all users.
The traditionally trustless relationship between advertisers and publishers presents a perfect opportunity for blockchain to intervene.
The world has time and again depicted the US as trustless, unpredictable and policy destroyer.
"Blockchain is a platform that enables to transact peer to peer, using consensus mechanism in a trustless environment and stores the information in an electronic ledger that is available with all participants," Shanmugham said.