Trying to obtain medical records, indemnifcation agreement

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Country: United States of America
State: New Jersey

I am trying to obtain medical records from a facility that is reluctant. Their attorney has told mine that he is willing to accept an 'Indemnification And Hold-harmless' agreement. I feel that someone from the facility must have told their attorney to go ahead with it. What I am wondering: now that this document has been drawn up and I have signed, would you feel that it is pretty-much a given that this will take place? I really don't trust the people at this facility to do what is right and wonder if someone who runs the facility could suddenly decide to not sign and even seek a different lawyer. I guess this doesn't sound likely, since it would just cost them more for another attorney and it would still be my right to have records released to my attorney (acting as the legal representative), but I wanted to ask what others thought.


If they have agreed and signed they must follow through or you may even sue on the agreement