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University tuition fees of 5,000 pounds would make England the most expensive country in the world to earn a degree.
Under the bill, Yap said public and private academic and technical institutions shall be allowed to impose tuition fee increases and adjustments but not to exceed 15 percent of prevailing rates on incoming freshmen students in the tertiary level only.
Mr Thomas said that, while the stock tuition fee grant (up to PS5,500 per student) had spiralled, the total estimated cost of issuing tuition fee loans (the initial PS3,500 per student) was largely unchanged at just over PS1.
We cannot increase tuition fees until the draft law is passed by Parliament," Joseph Harb, a representative of the General Secretariat of Catholic Schools, told The Daily Star.
Private schools go for unilateral 20 to 40 per cent increase in tuition fees every year, in addition to the amounts charged under various heads, but the regulatory authority never seemed taking action against them.
Earlier this month, the government announced that tuition fees will increase by 5% for the seventh consecutive year - or 71% since 2006 - even though Ontario is already the most expensive place to go to university or college.
She told Business Post: "There has been much discussion about the increases in higher education tuition fees, with many universities already declaring tuition fees of pounds 9,000 per year for full-time study.
Essex and Exeter universities as well as Imperial College London have also announced plans to charge a Au9,000 tuition fee.
Changes to the tuition fees policy will take effect from September next year, but Welsh learners will be no worse off and continue to pay the current level under plans preferred by the Assembly Government.
The report also reveals that on average, vice-chancellors would like to see tuition fees doubled.
EduShield has been designed bearing every aspect of an unfortunate incident in mind and therefore offers global coverage and the undoubted assurance of the child's tuition fee no matter what part of the world they are in," said Sandhu.
The students holding grade A will be entitled to full remission of tuition fee.