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Petitioners Bushra Jabeen, Arshad Fawad, Mohammad Shariq Feroz and 600 other parents had challenged the increase in tuition fees at four private schools in an alleged violation of the Sindh Private Educational Institutions (Regulation and Control) Ordinance, 2001.
Plaid Cymru will continue to make the case for moving towards a model where students pay no tuition fees at all, as has been achieved in Scotland," Mr Gruffydd said.
Currently, Wales gives students tuition fee grants of up to PS5,190 a year wherever they study - England does not.
CHED-6, however, needs to first conduct consultations with students, parents and members of the faculty of these schools before they can come to a decision in either approving or disapproving the proposed increase in tuition fees.
According to the prime minister, the society must know that the state may interfere with groundless rise in tuition fees.
In December 2010 MPs voted to raise tuition fees for full-time undergraduates from 3,350 [pounds sterling] to up to 9,000 [pounds sterling].
The UCU has called on the Coalition to seek alternatives to a tuition fee rise.
EDUCATION Minister Andreas Demetriou yesterday confirmed that the Legal Services have sent him a draft bill on the tuition fees of private universities.
In the unfortunate event of a claim, the payout is made in accordance to the child's existing tuition fee in any GEMS or Non-GEMS school across the globe," he said.
The report presented a new way by which to look at the prices and costs associated with university tuition, an alternative to the annual tuition fee report produced by Statistics Canada which more accurately reflects what students and their families actually pay in tuition fees once all various subsidies are taken into account.
The grants replace the generous universal tuition fee grants of PS5,100 a year that had been paid to all students in Wales.
KARACHI -- The Sindh High Court (SHC) restrained on Friday the Beaconhouse School System (BSS) management from demanding tuition fee more than the government-approved 5% increase.