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TUN, measure. A vessel of wine or oil, containing four hogsheads.

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TUN introduced the rewards program in NY, Chicago, Boston and LA, and will be expanding it nationwide throughout the fall.
I value this award that recognises the value of hard work, democracy and empathy towards mankind as a whole" said Tun Musa.
The Eagle & Tun was an historical venue for UB40 and their fans, so it's really sad to see it boarded up and shut down," she said.
Tun boss Nancy Morris said: "A lot of people who work at the parliament come here for a drink or lunch so they might be interested.
Tom Tun and Matty Tun have failed to add to the tally in 2006, but eight-year-old Henry Tun has enjoyed his most successful season to date with four victories, and he bids to add to that in the Wbx-triplecrown.
He's a client of The University Network, or TUN (pronounced t-u-n), a digital signage service for colleges and universities.
31, may resume this year but not until the onset of the dry season in October, Myanmar's Ambassador to the Philippines Thaung Tun said Tuesday.
One of my German mother's favorite and most I frequently repeated words of wisdom is about the need to balance Tun (doing or action) with Nichts-tun (doing nothing or relaxation) in your life.
They knocked in three more goals for a comfortable win and Myanmar's substitute keeper Tun Tun-lin copped the fourth red for throwing a water bottle at the ref.
MATTY TUN is another who has enjoyed a long summer holiday because of the fast ground.
The bottom floor of the tun features funnel-shaped run-off ports with an outlet every 10 square feet.
TUN provides content for digital screens that is attractive to university students, focusing on branded entertainment rather than pure advertising.