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The researchers tested their framework on an idealized, two-dimensional model of turbulent fluid flow, which is germane to ocean and atmospheric circulation and other dynamically chaotic fluids.
The theoretical calculations and modeling of heat transfer processes in converting solar energy in the manufactured heat exchange unit of the photoenergy plant are conducted, which showed that the most efficient is a plate heat exchanger equipped with the implementation in it of turbulent fluid flow, which achieves heat transfer coefficient of about 18 kW/([m.
2) we used an incompressible, permanent and turbulent fluid.
Sharma said that the interesting puzzle has always been how to predict the seemingly chaotic motion of a turbulent fluid.
One models turbulent flows as synthetic random fields with certain statistics and features mimicking those of turbulent fluid in the regime of interest.
But the calming appears to occur too quickly, says physicist Carlo Barenghi of Newcastle University in England; it takes just about 10 seconds for the turbulent fluid to become quiet.
Governing equations of fluid flow such as continuity equation, heat transfer equation, momentum equation and Reynolds equation for a turbulent fluid flow of a compressible fluid has been adopted to solve the CFD analysis [7].
Governing equations for predicting turbulent fluid flow are mass and momentum conservation (Fluent Inc.